PLTU Cirebon II


Cirebon – Jawa Barat



Type of Work

Formwork 17,700 m2, Formwork Dinding Melingkar 138,643 m2, Installation Inducer Crack 174,170 m

About This Project

PLTU Cirebon II (Steam-Electric Power Plant), is .a 1000 MW coal-fired power plant developed by several company. The project schedule to be completed in 2022. Building pillars, some part of the jetties, chimney, boiler, coal run off, clarifired, thickner, dissolved, waste water treatment, oil separator, pipe rack, main hole, electrical duct bank, CT-CW pump, stand by and sump pit trans, sump pit, transformer, are the construction that have been completed.

PLTU Cirebon II is part of the Indonesian goverment plan to distribute 35 thousand MW electricity. In the future, PLTU Cirebon II will use low calori coal between 4000 to 4600 Kcal per kg.

PLTU Cirebon II will be using higher technology than its predecessor, PLTU Cirebon I. PLTU Cirebon II is equipped with Ultra Super Critical Generator that can burn coal with much higher temperature so that there is no residue and decrease the emission level